Top Blog Posts on Interviewing & Negotiating

 Some blog posts and articles we like How can you tell if the company you are interviewing with is rotten on the inside?  Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued The 10 commandments of salary negotiation

Greg's Informational Interview Protocol

Greg's step-by-step process for requesting and conducting informational interviews. 

Salary Negotiation E-mail Templates

For when you need help drafting an email requesting a higher salary or different compensation package. 

Some guidelines for Informational Interviews

For when you're trying to jump start a career exploration or job search and you know you need to be "networking."

What Negotiation It's Really For (It’s not what you think)

A reminder to continue vetting your potential  future employer, even after you've received a verbal offer. How people treat you in a negotiation says a lot about how they'll treat you on the job.